The Pandora Directive

Hier habt ihr Anfang April 2012 die Möglichkeit, dem Designer von Scratches und Asylum nach Herzenslust auszufragen.
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The Pandora Directive

Beitragvon JackVanian » 06.04.2012, 13:57

You recently told me that you're currently playing Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive for the first time at the moment. I would be very interested in finding out your opinion when you're done with the game.

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Re: The Pandora Directive

Beitragvon Agustin » 09.04.2012, 18:01

Certainly, I will let you know! I'm still in the early stages though, barely started the third day. So far I really like it. I'm ashamed to say that I'm still sort of a newcomer in the Tex Murphy universe. I played Martian Memorandum as a kid, just a bit of Mean Streets, and only recently completed Under A Killing Moon.

What I really like about the games is the great amount of things to do and the way dialogues are handled. And Tex is a terrific character alright!

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