Official Duke Grabowski FAQ

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Official Duke Grabowski FAQ

Beitragvon bill.tiller » 15.09.2014, 19:32

Hi All,
This is the Official Duke Graboiwski FAQ thread, where we look forward to getting you all the information about our game that you want. No questions are off the table.

Bill & Gene

The Premise:
To become captain of the pirate ship Brazen Blade, dim witted but super strong Duke Grabowksi is given an impossible challenge by his crew: to prove he can be a true Swashbuckler. And a 'True Swashbucklers' is 'Ladies' Man.' So Duke must win the love of three women. Or, more precisely, to "sea-deuce" them, as old Slewface says with a leer. Duke has no idea what that means and embarks on a mission to obtain three kisses. Really the crew just wants him off the ship because he has serious anger issues and they are afraid for their lives. Once he is off the ship and it's repaired, they plan to sail away without him ASAP!

Duke has never had a love affair, and he's not great at talking, so he's going to have a rough journey. In Update #2, Bill writes, "The story is really about peer pressure, the dangers of following the herd, and about watching a character change and mature."

Our Kickstarter:

When will the game be released?

Estimated ship date is October 2015. Beta testers see the game earlier, of course!

How long will the game be?

9-12 locations, 2-4 hours of gameplay. "About one fourth the size of A Vampyre Story, or one eighth the size of Curse of Monkey Island," says Bill.

Is this a whole story or just one chapter?

A whole story, albeit a short one. A short game about a big guy.

Will the game be available in other languages?

That would be fun! We are definitely considering translations as a stretch goal after we reach the ones above.

Why is the OUYA version priced differently than the PC/Mac/Linux?

Both will be excellent games, of the same duration. The OUYA version will need less high-poly assets and will be a smaller overall file size, by virtue of its hardware. In addition, OUYA is matching your donations (up to our donation goal), so they're essentially subsidizing the creation of the game, allowing us to provide a lower price on the OUYA version.

How will I download the game for PC/Mac/Linux? Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Desura --?

We'll let you know as soon as we have an answer! We understand the concern about being locked into one system. We want you to have lots and lots and lots of options.

You can vote for Duke on Steam Greenlight:
Within Steam: Community>Greenlight>Games tab>Search for "Duke Grabowski"
And on

Seducing women? Is this game sexist?

The premise is sexist, yes, and then we subvert it. Seducing women is a peer pressure goal made up by Duke's weaselly crewmates. When Duke gets ashore, he meets actual women, and the game changes.

Bill goes into more detail in our Update #2: ... sts/946789
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Re: Official Duke Grabowski FAQ

Beitragvon bill.tiller » 15.09.2014, 19:34

All new questions welcome!

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