Thanks for being here

Am 19.5.2015 ab 20 Uhr steht Corey Cole für Fragen zum Adventure-RPG-Hybriden Hero-U - Rogue to Redemption zur Verfügung.
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Thanks for being here

Beitragvon neon » 19.05.2015, 22:48

Lori, Corey, I think there will be no more questions anymore this evening. Thanks for joining us with pretty interesting questions and answers. All this will stay here and probably there will be more questions coming up during the next days, so we would be glad if you would look into the forum during the next days.

It was a pleasure to have you here. Good luck with your campaign and thanks again.

Lori Cole
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Re: Thanks for being here

Beitragvon Lori Cole » 19.05.2015, 22:54

Thanks, Neon, we enjoyed the chat!

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